Worried About Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized? 3 Tips To Keep It Neat

Managing your storage unit can be tough when you've never rented one in the past and you want to make sure that it remains organized once it's filled. If you're renting a storage unit to enjoy additional storage space that you'll access throughout the year, it becomes even more important for you to be careful when packing the unit. If you're unsure of how to store your items and what you can do to make the storage unit as neat as possible, consider the following tips before bringing your first load to the storage facility.

3 Signs You Should Choose A Fully Enclosed Carport

When you think about buying a carport, you might think about buying an open structure with a roof that is designed to help protect your car. However, some carports are partially or fully enclosed, making them more like a garage. These are a few signs that you should choose a fully enclosed carport rather than a more traditional open carport: 1. You Want to Protect Your Car Even though a traditional carport can help protect your car from the elements, you do still have to worry about some damage.

Four Reasons You Need Fall Storage As A Student

As a student in college, self storage comes in handy, especially during the fall season when the school year is just getting started. You don't even need a huge unit. In fact, even the smallest unit that is available in your local self storage facility can be enough to keep you organized and focused on the school year ahead. Here are four reasons you want a self storage unit this fall as a student:

Prepare And Store Your Summer Equipment And Furniture For The Winter

Do you take the proper actions when it comes to taking care of your outdoor summer furniture and equipment for the winter? If you take the time to prepare these items for winter and store them properly, you can extend the life of them tremendously. Below, you will learn a few tips to help you protect and store your summer goods for the winter to make putting them out for summer easier and make them last much longer before replacement is needed.

2 Tips For Preparing Your Refrigerator For Long-Term Storage

If you are planning to temporarily move into a home that already has appliances, you may have decided to place your refrigerator in a self-storage unit. If so, use the following tips to prepare your refrigerator for long-term storage so that it will be clean and fresh when you have use of it again. Wipe the Inside With Bleach The first thing you should do when preparing your refrigerator for long-term storage is to thoroughly clean it out.