4 Tips for Finding a Storage Unit That You Can Use in All Kinds of Weather

Growing interested in renting a storage unit is something that may happen when you like living in your home, but know that you are running out of storage space. While you may still have some storage space left over, you may be thinking about the future and what your family will need. While an individual who lives in a mild climate may feel comfortable renting almost any storage unit knowing that accessing it will be easy all throughout the year, you may live in a more unpredictable and varied climate in which the weather can affect your storage unit situation.

Placing Items In Storage? How To Prevent Them From Becoming Moldy

When you place items in storage, you want them to come out of storage in good condition — not covered in mold. Unfortunately, if you fail to take certain steps, your items may get moldy when they are being stored. Here are a few of the steps you should follow to prevent your items from becoming moldy when they are being stored in a self-storage facility. Ensure Everything You Pack is Completely Dry