A Self-Storage Unit Could Make Your Life More Convenient When You Have A Handyworker Business

If you have your own handy worker business doing odd jobs, making home repairs, or taking care of lawns, you probably have a lot of equipment you need to keep organized and ready to use. Your garage may be full of your personal belongings and already stuffed to its limit. A storage unit could be helpful for your business and make life easier for you. Here's why.

You Can Keep Large Items Out Of Your Way

You might need a safe place out of the weather to store mowing equipment, a snowblower, or even sheets of plywood. Those things take up a lot of room in your garage, and that can be bothersome, especially for something like a snowblower that you only use a few months of the year.

A self-storage facility usually offers units in different sizes, so you have as much room as you need to keep all your large equipment, and other things you run across on sale that you will use eventually.

A Self-Storage Unit Makes Loading Convenient

You may be able to back up to your storage unit, so you can conveniently load the items you need for the day. You'll just have a few steps from your unit to your truck so you won't have to waste time and effort maneuvering bulky equipment or heavy items to get them loaded.

A self-storage unit is convenient for unloading your supplies too. Just drive up and unload them right in front of your unit. This is handy if you like to shop around for items you might use in renovation projects, such as toilets and carpeting when they are at a steep discount. You can take things straight to your storage unit and not have to wonder where you'll keep them in your house.

You Can Do Small Jobs In Your Unit

Instead of running back and forth to your home all day, you could return to your storage unit where all your supplies are stored to do small jobs, such as maintain your tools or work on your signage.

When you get a call, you'll already be near all your supplies so you can grab what you need and go to your next customer. Be sure to check with the self-storage facility to see what they allow when it comes to the type of work you can do from your unit.

A Self-Storage Unit Could Save You Money

You'll have a monthly rental fee to the self-storage facility for your unit, but the cost is much less than what you would pay to rent a building to work out of. Plus, when your tools are stored properly and kept out of the weather, they last longer so you don't have to replace your tools and equipment due to improper storage.

Also, if you find a self-storage facility in the city close to where the majority of your work is located, you might save money on gas and wear on your truck if you work from your unit rather than drive back and forth to your home between calls.