Factors To Consider When Hiring A Storage Unit

Self-storage facilities have become a popular option for long-term and short-term storage needs. Storage units allow individuals or businesses looking for more space to store valuable items securely. Assuming you have decided to take advantage of storage units, do you just pack your stuff and walk to the nearest storage facility? It would be best if you had a checklist when renting a storage unit. The list below can act as a guideline when contracting a storage unit. 


The search and selection of storage units depend on the underlying purpose. Consequently, reflect on the purpose of the storage unit. For instance, are you a homeowner looking for extra space or a college student on an extended holiday? Do you wish to store and preserve a cheap or valuable item? Based on your purpose, you may need small, large, or multiple storage units. More so, your goal will influence the duration of storage, costs, and security requirements.   


The facility location is a crucial consideration when renting a storage unit. Primarily, consider the distance from your home or office to the facility. Rationally, select a unit that is easily accessible to reduce the time and cost of visiting the unit. Moreover, proximity allows you to make frequent visits to the unit for safety checks.


The majority of the items you store in a storage unit may be valuable and sentimental things. Thus, the security of these valuables is a significant concern. Therefore, ensure you inquire about the security measures offered by the service provider. Such measures may include CCTV surveillance, motion-detector lights, uniformed or armed guards, and facility patrols. 


One significant advantage of renting a storage facility should be the ability to access your property at any time. The reasons for visits are diverse, including safety checks, item retrievals, or cleaning-ups. Whatever the reason, you should access your items at will. Consequently, consider facilities with 24/7 access. 

Condition of the Storage Unit

The best way to examine the condition of the storage facility is to conduct a physical inspection before signing the contract. Check the wall, roof, and floor for damage that can let in dust and water. Confirm that the door and the lock systems are functional. Also, assess the aeration in the storage unit. In some cases, you may need a fully equipped cold storage facility for delicate items. 

Renting a storage unit should be a well-thought-out process. You can avoid rushed decisions that compromise the safety and quality of your belongings by having a checklist for the storage facility. To get started, reach out to local self-storage facilities.