When Are Storage Units Right For The Job?

People and businesses frequently use storage units to keep all kinds of items. If you're not clear if third-party storage is right for a particular job, consider these 6 scenarios where it's a good option.

Long-Term and Protected Storage

One of the best use cases for a unit is to store something for the long term in a protected environment. If you're not currently using several pieces of furniture, a storage unit can be a good place to keep them. Also, people frequently store cars, boats, ATVs, and other vehicles in units.

For example, you might have one or two collector-grade cars for sale and no more room in your garage. A unit can hold it until you've made the sale.


Many businesses store inventory in units. If you run a small souvenir shop, this arrangement will avoid a backroom full of items. You can get bulk discounts as a buyer, store the products in units, and then collect them as you need to move them into your business inventory.


Relocating can be a pain, and you might not have the time to deal with everything at once. If you got a job offer in another city faster than you had expected, storage units are good places to get your less-than-necessary stuff. You can move the things you need, such as clothes and personal items, and then sort through the storage items once you have more time.


Another business use case is archiving documents. Many organizations need to store records for compliance purposes. A secure unit is a good place to keep contracts, personnel records, legal briefs, and other documents. You can then keep the most current items at your place of business while using the storage unit as an archive.

This can be an especially compelling use case for companies that are digitizing their records. Particularly if a firm needs to maintain the originals for compliance reasons, the storage unit provides the necessary convenience while the company can use the digital copies in day-to-day business.


Renovating your house is a good reason to use storage, too. You might want to clear all the appliances out of your kitchen while you remodel, for example.


People who are going to travel for long periods might forgo maintaining a house for a while. If you're single and deployed in the military, storage units can keep your important stuff. Business is another good reason. Some long-term casual travelers might use storage, too.

For more information on storage units, contact a company near you.