Using Self-Storage Units To Store Seasonal Items

If you live in a small home, such as a duplex, condominium, or apartment, or if your house's storage space is limited, consider renting a self-storage unit. These units come in especially handy for storing seasonal items until you need them again. Some types of seasonal items include holiday decorations, sports and lawn equipment, and clothing and blankets. You can also use self-storage units to hold your college items when you're home for the summer.

A Self-Storage Unit Could Make Your Life More Convenient When You Have A Handyworker Business

If you have your own handy worker business doing odd jobs, making home repairs, or taking care of lawns, you probably have a lot of equipment you need to keep organized and ready to use. Your garage may be full of your personal belongings and already stuffed to its limit. A storage unit could be helpful for your business and make life easier for you. Here's why. You Can Keep Large Items Out Of Your Way

4 Tips for Finding a Storage Unit That You Can Use in All Kinds of Weather

Growing interested in renting a storage unit is something that may happen when you like living in your home, but know that you are running out of storage space. While you may still have some storage space left over, you may be thinking about the future and what your family will need. While an individual who lives in a mild climate may feel comfortable renting almost any storage unit knowing that accessing it will be easy all throughout the year, you may live in a more unpredictable and varied climate in which the weather can affect your storage unit situation.

Placing Items In Storage? How To Prevent Them From Becoming Moldy

When you place items in storage, you want them to come out of storage in good condition — not covered in mold. Unfortunately, if you fail to take certain steps, your items may get moldy when they are being stored. Here are a few of the steps you should follow to prevent your items from becoming moldy when they are being stored in a self-storage facility. Ensure Everything You Pack is Completely Dry

5 Easy Ways To Organize A Storage Unit When You Aren't A Planner

Some people live and die by color-coded lists, label makers, and timed schedules. They are uber-organized and ultra-efficient, and they can handle any task put in front of them as long as they have a supply of sticky notes and Sharpies. And, then there's the rest of us. Life doesn't always need bullet points. Sometimes it is OK to wing it. Or, fake it. Organizing a storage container is one of those times.