Gathering The Best Material Handling Equipment For Your Company

The business of materials handling equipment is already booming with a value of $26.3 billion, and it is poised for a 7.4% growth rate. Part of the reason that this industry is so lucrative is that several companies rely on this equipment to help with the management and facilitation of their warehouse or fulfillment center. Having quality materials handling processes and equipment helps you to organize your building and get orders out to customers in an optimal manner. Follow the tips below if you're in the market for some new equipment. 

Shop for some pallet racks and equipment to handle them

Pallet racks are a necessity if you run any sort of materials handling facility. Pallets make it easy to bring in, process, and break down product deliveries, and you need to be able to move and organize these pallets without effort. By having some solid racks installed, you can keep these pallets out of the way until they're ready for use. Expect to pay $50-$400 per position. Audit your entire building and figure out how many racks you need for your workflow.

Install industrial shelving that is sturdy and organized

Industrial shelving will also assist you in keeping your warehouse safe and organized. These shelves take advantage of your square footage by going vertical instead of using up precious floor space. As a result, you can set up blocks of stations for all of your inventory and can set up systems for keeping track of it all. Some examples of shelving systems that you might look into include clipless shelving, steel shelving, rivet shelving, and wire shelving. Figure out the cost and space investment of each, in addition to what kind of maintenance is required. 

Stock up on the material handling equipment that you need

Finally, it's important to stock up on the materials handling equipment that lets you move heavy items around as you need to. This includes pallet jacks, balers, hand trucks, engineered systems, industrial trucks, and forklifts. Figure out what you need to get started, and gather some price estimates from a material handling equipment distributor that can give you prices on new, used, and refurbished models. A new forklift will cost you $20,000 and up in most cases. Add a maintenance package to go with it so that you can always get fluid changes, new tires, and more. 

Contact a materials handling equipment distributor for additional information.