Uses For Small Storage Units

When some people think about self-storage units, they imagine the very large units people use for things like storing their household items. For this reason, some don't think of a storage unit when they have a smaller amount of items they need to find a place to store. However, storage facilities offer smaller units for those who don't have much to store. Here are some of the times when a person may want to consider renting a smaller unit from a storage facility.

Holiday decorations - Some people have a lot of holiday decorations, but they don't have the space to store them. Some may live in an apartment without a garage. Others may have a house with a garage, but they don't use the garage for storing anything. A small storage unit may work out great for these people, as well as anyone else needing a place to keep their decor for any reason. They can go to the storage unit when it's time to decorate and bring home the boxes they need. When they take the decorations down, they can go right back into the storage unit. 

Tools - A small storage unit can be a great place for someone to store their tools when they love to work on projects, but they don't have a garage or work shed to keep their tools in. Also, someone who is starting a repair service that requires tools may need a place to keep their tools. They can keep them in the small storage unit until they get a utility truck they can keep them in. 

Wardrobe - Some people who are very into fashion may have more clothing, shoes, and accessories than their home can comfortably accommodate. Instead of getting rid of some outfits and accessories they really love, they can instead put them into a small storage unit. They can swap out their clothing as the seasons change. 

Collectibles - People can end up with a lot more collectibles than they realized when they are very into something. They can find that their collection starts to take over the house. Sometimes the spouse will start to have a problem with this. Other times, the collectibles will be at risk in a home with kids and pets. A small storage unit can give them a safe and secure place where they can move some of their collection into. They can even put shelves in the unit, so they can keep their collection nice and organized.

For more information on a small self-storage unit, contact a company near you.