4 Mistakes To Avoid When Renting A Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit can make life much easier in a number of situations. It doesn't matter if you're moving, down sizing, or have inherited belongings that you don't have room for in your own home-- there is a storage unit out there for you. However, if you're renting a storage unit, it is important to be prepared to ensure that there are no problems. Avoid the following mistakes when renting a storage unit:

Renting the Wrong Size

No one wants to arrive at a self-store facility and discover that the unit that they rented is not big enough to hold all of the belongings they have. On the other hand, it also doesn't make sense to pay more to rent a storage unit that is much larger than you need. It is a good idea to view different size storage units in person before signing a rental agreement. You may also want to speak with the manager of the self storage facility for advice on the best sized unit for your needs.

Failing to Label Boxes

When you're packing up belongings to put in a storage unit, take the extra time to label each and every box. Doing so help ensures that you can find the items you need if you have to get something out of storage during your rental term. It will also make it much easier to unpack when you're done using your storage unit.

Neglecting to Leave an Aisle

Don't make the mistake of piling up boxes and other belongings until your storage unit is completely full. When you're moving stuff in to your storage unit, pay careful attention and make sure that you leave an aisle to walk through. Having an aisle ensures that you will be able to access all of your belongings in storage without having to pull out everything.

Not Paying Attention to Insurance

Just like your home and automobile, the belongings in your storage unit need to be insured. Prior to unloading your belongings into your storage unit, make sure that everything is properly insured. Check with your homeowners insurance-- some policies may cover items that are kept in a secure self storage facility. In the event that your homeowners insurance policy does not cover items in storage, you will need to buy your own policy for the duration of your storage unit rental. In most cases, an insurance policy to cover items in storage are quite affordable.