A Few Tips To Make Storing Your Clothes Easier

If you have a large collection of clothing, it can take up a remarkable amount of space in your house. Freeing up this space can help to improve the usability, safety, and comfort of your home's interior, but you may be uneasy or otherwise troubled by the thought of storing your clothes in a rental storage unit. You can alleviate many of the concerns that you may have about this storage option.

Take Steps To Reduce The Space Your Clothing Will Require

Clothing can be remarkably bulky, and this can result in your clothing taking up much of the space in your storage unit. This can be particularly problematic if there are other items that you want to keep in the unit. Sadly, some individuals will fail to realize that there are space-saving solutions for storing a lot of clothes. For example, there are compression bags that will be able to greatly reduce the amount of space your garments will require without putting them at a risk of suffering wear and tear or other damages.

Protect The Clothes Against Insects

Depending on where you live, insects may be a difficult problem to control. This can be very damaging to clothing as there are many insects and other pests that will target the garments as a source of food, nesting materials, and shelter. Protecting the clothing against these hazards will require you to choose a storage provider that offers pest control services for their units. Furthermore, you may want to inspect the grounds to ensure that they are properly maintained as a cluttered or otherwise unkempt storage facility could be a major attractant for these pests. If you find that you are still struggling to keep pests from targeting your unit, you may want to take steps to apply additional pesticides and repellents to your unit.

Thoroughly Wash The Clothes Before Putting Them In Storage

Prior to putting your clothes away for storage, you should take the time to thoroughly wash and dry them. If you make the mistake of putting dirty clothes into storage, they could develop extremely unpleasant odors that could be remarkably difficult to remove. Additionally, any stains or other spots could permanently bond to the fabric in your garments, which could ruin them. When washing your garments, you may want to avoid heavily scented detergent as these smells could attract pests. Before packing these items away for storage, you should be sure that they have thoroughly dried to prevent mold and mildew from forming and ruining the garments while they are being stored.

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