Up, In, And Out: Finding Storage In Less Typical Places When You Don't Have Enough Storage

Sometimes the home you can afford does not exactly come with the storage space you need. There are plenty of atypical storage solutions you can try when the home you bought cannot seem to fit all of your stuff. Here are some of those solutions.

Go Up

Do you have dead air space close to the ceilings in every room? You can turn that into storage. Add and construct shelves up there, and you can line the tops of your walls with books, figurines, collectibles, movies, etc.. With all of these items stored "up" and out of the way, your home will seem a little less cluttered, seem a lot more organized, and have more floor space in each room for the bigger furniture items.

Go In

There are professional closet organizers and builders who can take the strangest of closet spaces and maximize their space for storage. You will be amazed at some of the results they have managed with prior clients. Even deep closets with low ceilings are not a big deal. Every inch within two-hundred-seventy-degrees max is utilized in a unique and useful way. The best part is that you get to pick and choose which structures you want in each closet, and then the builder/organizer makes it work for the space you have.

Go Out

Even after you have resorted to all of the above, you may still need more space. At this point it is time to consider storage space outside the home. If you have a big garage with an attic, or even a little garage with an attic, you can use that. You can also rent a storage unit from any and all storage rental properties in the area. Call around to see which properties have some open units or will have some open units in the next month or so. The particularly nice thing about a storage facility and unit is that, as you acquire more possessions, you can place more of your older items in the storage unit.

To maximize your storage space in a rental unit, do the same things mentioned above. Construct shelving to lift lots of smaller things up off the ground. Get a deep unit and add shelves to fill every square foot. None of your shelving has to be nailed in or screwed in, since all of your heavier items should be on the floor anyway.

For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Mars Mega Storage.