Three Different Type Of Storage Units

Storage units are all designed to give you more space to put your stuff while you move, renovate, or sometimes just to declutter your home. However, despite the fact that all storage units fulfill the same purpose, they are not all alike. Different types of storage units have different amenities, which give them a different set of advantage and disadvantages over each other. Understanding what some of the most common types of storage units are and what they have to offer can help make it easier for you to choose the one that is the best fit for your needs.

Indoor Units

Indoor storage units are exactly what their name would suggest: they are within a building, which protects the units from environmental damage like temperature fluctuations and water damage. Indoor units also provide a higher degree of protection against theft and robbery when compared to outdoor and other types of storage units, since the building that they are stored in will most often have an attendant there at all times or only be open at certain hours. The downside of indoor units is that they can be harder to access because you have to carry your items further and because the building that they are stored within may be closed at certain times, limiting your access to your own belongings.

Climate-Controlled Units

Climate-controlled storage units are indoor units that are fitted to a heating and cooling system that will moderate the temperature and humidity levels within the unit year-round. As a result, they share the same set of advantages and disadvantages as indoor units, with a few extras. The main draw of these types of units is that they protect against mold growth, temperature damage, and water damage (like warping wood). The downside is that they represent an added expense when compared to indoor units without climate control, which can add up month to month.

Drive-Up Units

Drive-up units are storage lockers that are not indoors, but can literally be driven up to, much like a garage. As a result, they are extremely easy to load and unload and give you a greater amount of access to your items when compared to the above two types of storage units. However, due to this ease of access, drive-up units are more at risk of theft than other types of storage units—which means you'll want to look out for a facility that has a number of security measures in place.

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