4 Tips For Storing Your Boat

Owning a boat is sure to be something that will help you get more out of life. Taking time to relax and enjoy yourself is one of the best things you can do. There's no doubt taking your boat out during the warmest and sunniest days of the year is sure to bring you a great deal of happiness. However, it's essential to find the ideal place to store your boat when winter begins to hit your area. Being aware of specific tips for keeping your boat in storage is sure to be helpful to you.

Tip #1: Change the oil

It's important to make an appointment to get your oil changed on a routine basis. You don't want to leave your boat in storage for a long time with old oil in it because this could potentially damage your engine. Clean oil is the key to helping your boat stay in good shape regardless if it's sitting in storage or out on the water.

Tip #2: Refresh the coolant

It's essential to have the right amount of refrigerant in your boat for optimal results. This will enable your engine to avoid overheating and is the key to preventing a lot of potentially expensive repairs.

You will want to drain out the old coolant and flush it with water. It's important to use the right amount of antifreeze to avoid any issues that could occur if you fail to do so

Tip #3: Disconnect the battery

One thing you can do that will extend the life of the battery rather than shorten it while in storage is to disconnect it. This may prevent you from having to purchase another battery, and this is sure to save you a great deal of money.

Tip #4: Fill your gas tank

You will want to be sure to have a full tank of gas to help keep this part of your boat in excellent condition. Storing your boat with an empty tank could cause condensation to build up, and this may make it corrode.

The key to making the most use out of your boat will depend on how well you take care of it. Be sure to do the right things to help it last longer and provide you with years of pleasure. Contact a boat storage company, like Pelahatchie Bay Mini Storage, for more tips on storing your boat. Take time to reserve your storage spot today for your boat, and enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies doing so!