How To Get Good Storage Quotes

It's time to move, and you have more items than you can handle in one trip. A self storage facility makes perfect sense in such a situation.

After scouting around for a self storage facility in the area that will suite your needs, the next step is the quote. To ensure that you get value for your money, consider the information below.

1. Compare Quotes from Different Self Storage Facilities in Your Area 

It's always important to compare several companies to see who would give you the best possible deal for your money.

Offers are usually to entice more customers when business is slow at a particular facility and you can find the best option by taking the trouble to get a quote from at least three self storage rental facilities. Offers might Include 50% off for more that 8 day storage, which is a tidy sum for a discount.

2. Visit the Facility Before Committing

If you have a sizable number of items including heavy boxes and a load of stuff that will take quite a bit of space, you can negotiate a discount citing how much space you are taking up.

By paying a visit to a facility you talk to the person in charge on the ground which makes negotiating easier than doing it on the phone.

While at the premises, it is also possible to can be pick up on the general feel and safety of the place, including staff and whether the storage unit you decide on is covered by CCTV.

3. Climate Control

The advantage of having comparative quotes and paying a visit to a facility before committing is you are able to pick up on subtle points that might otherwise escape you and that may prove invaluable when you are negotiating. One of them is climate control.

Depending on the items for storage, you will want to affirm that the items you are about to put up for storage, will be able to stand up to the unpredictable nature of the climate without damage.

This is particularly important for sensitive items like artwork pieces. This way you are able to determine whether the price quoted will work for you or not.

4. Renting a Truck

If you have lots and heavy stuff that needs transporting, you may have already sorted out your own transport. However, for the sake of convenience and value added service, many self storage rental facilities offer deals will include a free or discounted trucks, so keep an eye out to see if that is included on the quote. If their transportation is more expensive than the one you arranged, renegotiate the quote without the service.